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Sales and marketing are just as crucial as development

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

We believe you must have been part of a discussion in which you speculated about which team is the most important in the company. Clients (especially #startups) often ask us: "So which team makes the most sense to #invest in?". The answer is not black and white, remember, it always depends on what #industry you are in, what stage your business is in and what you can realistically afford. From our point of view, there is nothing worse than betting on one horse, in this case, a team. An excellent technology team will likely not turn your products into such high #revenues without a passionate and fully onboarded sales & marketing team. And just as well, the sales and marketing team will not bring you revenues if your technology is unreliable and clients are fed up with its use.

It's all about balancing and since we live in a practical world, it's also about money. You would be surprised how many companies give enormous sums for development and a pittance for quality sales and marketing. If you have unique products/services, you want the world to know about them, to be interested in them and ESPECIALLY to buy them. And for that, you need a passionate team of #salespeople and #marketers who know everything about your product and service. And when we write everything, we mean EVERYTHING. The excellent and the less excellent. If you neglect these teams, all your great products will remain buried in a drawer.

However, a few statuses on #facebook, #twitter or pictures on #instagram are not enough. You need a #sales and #growth strategy that your team will continuously follow and improve along the way. There are no shortcuts, there are no easy solutions. If you want steady results, you need a solid strategy and stick to it. As soon as the quick influx of money tempts you, you will probably slide down the path of bending your product to suit each new potential customer and end up with an over-personalized "thing" (not even product). Subsequently, the target group of customers shrinks dramatically. And you don't want that. You want annual #profits that grow, you don't want to stagnate as an entity.

And that's why we encourage you if you're starting a #business or if you've been in business for a long time. Sit down and think about whether you even have the mentioned #strategy and if so, is it working as you expected at the beginning? If not, you can contact Product Development Prague.

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