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Generation Z: Why you should be interested in them

The world moves forward and so do people. The shopping habits of generation X, millennials, and the aforementioned Z are very different. Originally, marketers understood generation Z as an extension of millennials. Ouch, they were so wrong!

Figure 1 - Definition of generations

They are quite different...

In his article, Marc Prensky called generation Z as technological natives with a new language. Gen Z is a completely different kind of person who changed their clothes, style, hobbies, and of course shopping preferences. This generation prefers multi-tasking to save time, appearance before content, cooperation, and instant rewards.

Generation Z is the most diverse generation in the EU. Unless any company can understand and communicate their products to them, then they will soon reach the edge towards the end. This group of consumers is extremely persuasive even toward their families. In surveys, 94 % of parents stated that their purchasing decisions are influenced by their kids!

...and how?

1. Privacy matters more than likes: willing to share biometric info than details from their social media accounts

2. A personalized experience for everyone: it is more attractive if the brand understands the individual's values

3. Gen Z starting career sooner than Millenials: they genuinely care about the economy and their financial health

4. Attention to the brand's commitment: Gen Z shops based on values

5. Authenticity: is the most valuable thing even beyond being rich

6. Connected: Stanford says that they are really into collaboration, and deeply care about others and the planet

Tools for searching

Clearly, Generation Z prefers higher quality and sustainable products when shopping. According to statistics, up to 73 % of them would pay an extra 10 %, if they were purchasing a product that didn’t harm the environment. However, the most interesting fact is that 40 % of them prefer TikTok and Instagram as their search engine! And the number is growing. Young Generation Z likes the personalization that TikTok's powerful algorithm offers. This tailoring is closely connected with a sense that real people on the app are delivering information about products, rather than anonymous websites. So, dear entrepreneur, catch a wave with Generation Z to boost your business!

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