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Fall in love before selling

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Let's be honest with ourselves, most entities go into business to generate profit. That is a fact. However, in today's era of surplus, we believe that products and services should come to the market that makes life easier for today's consumers and does not burden the environment. In our opinion, there is no room in today's world for selling products that bring only superficial social status rather than real value.

Why fall in love first before entering the market? If you don't absolutely love something, you won't give your best to the sale itself. Every product needs a "spirit" that evokes emotions in the customer. How could you expect success from a product that you, as the creator, don't absolutely love and use every day? Of course, you will generate some profit, but you will not reach your full potential, which means revenues.

Why devote your energy to projects that only take it, when you can devote yourself fully to projects that do not take away your energy but instead replenish it?

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