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A surmountable obstacle to growth

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The start of any #business costs every founder much effort. Suppose the entrepreneur overcomes the initial fears, bureaucracy, and financing. In that case, the mistaken feeling comes that now it will somehow go by itself, and with the incoming clients, her/his business will only grow. What will surprise most of them later is that the company's growth is not ONLY influenced externally but ESPECIALLY internally.

Passionate #entrepreneurs are often their own most significant obstacle to #growth. They want to be there for everything and make decisions about everything. As the number of orders increases, they drown in micro-management, as they do not want to hand over the reins of operational management to their employees, often out of a sense of distrust ("No one understands this as well as I do") or the need for personal irreplaceability. This way, a #startup company can never grow steadily and quickly. To succeed, you need people in your company who are also fans of your #product/service. These #employees enjoy their work and are usually very efficient.

But with that comes the necessity to give them your trust and freedom because only then do we offer room for growth and new ideas. An employee who doesn't mind waiting a week (we know from practice that even longer) for a response from higher management will probably not be so passionate about your company. A company grows if passionate people work inside it. So do not put them off by saying that everything has to go through you. Many new questions (sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller) appear daily that need to be answered, especially in startups. Leave the smaller ones to your employees, and work with them on the bigger ones. A fair attitude towards employees is one of the critical aspects of growth.

We deal with this and other topics at Product Development Prague, where we see our clients as partners for whom we support their growth.

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